3 Packers bold moves that now seem realistic after Brian Gutekunst's comments

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1. Packers could trade for Justin Simmons

Green Bay has five selections in the opening three rounds—the No. 25 pick in Round 1, two selections in Round 2, and two more in Round 3. With the added draft capital, the Packers could trade for a player at a position of need. Brian Gutekunst hinted at the possibility.

"It gives us flexibility. Whether it's staying and picking, trading, moving around, maybe trading those picks for veteran players," said Gutekunst.

The Denver Broncos need to create cap space. One way to do that is to move on from star safety Justin Simmons, who is entering the final year of his deal. ESPN's Dan Graziano named Simmons a potential trade or cut candidate this offseason. He noted that Denver could move on from several players, but Simmons' contract was "among the most vulnerable."

Simmons is 30, but he is among the best safeties in the NFL. A four-time second-team All-Pro and two-time Pro Bowler, he would significantly upgrade the safety position in Green Bay. Simmons has at least three interceptions in the past six seasons. Since 2020, he has intercepted five or more passes three times.

The Broncos have tough decisions to make due to their salary cap situation. If they have to part ways with Simmons, the Packers should make a move for an All-Pro at a position of need.

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