Packers: Everything Brian Gutekunst said about Jordan Love, Rasul Douglas, trade deadline

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Brian Gutekunst on Jordan Love's future

With Green Bay's offense struggling to move the football, Jordan Love's future with the Packers is a burning question. First, Gutekunst was asked for his opinion on Love's performances so far this season.

"A little bit up and down, like our entire offense. It's been a work in progress for the entire offense. There's been glimpses, particularly in the second halves, of really good football, but we have not started very well," said Gutekunst.

That's putting it kindly.

Time isn't exactly on the Packers' side. They don't have three years to evaluate Love before making a decision. At some point, they need to figure out whether he is their long-term starting quarterback. Either the Packers move on from Love or hand him a new multi-year deal. It's a difficult decision, and one they likely need the full season to answer.

"We've got 10 games left. It's going to be a very important 10 games," said Gutekunst. "I think he's done a lot of really good things. I really like the way he's responded to the adversity, how he's led the team. We've got to get better as a unit."

What happens if the Packers end up with a top-five draft pick? Could they consider drafting Love's replacement?

"There will be time for that. Right now, we're focused on beating the Rams," said Gutekunst. "We have a lot of faith in Jordan. We've got to get the offense playing better, and when that does, those things will take care of themselves."

Another concern for the Packers is whether they can get a proper evaluation of Love's play, with the entire offense playing poorly around him. Gutekunst was asked whether the mistakes across the board make it tougher to evaluate Love.

"That's a good question. It's not just evaluating the quarterback, but everything. All the players. When the group as a whole is not functioning the way it should function, it's hard to evaluate anybody," said Gutekunst. "It's on us to get that right so we can move forward and evaluate the guys we have in that room."

Gutekunst was never going to publicly say the team would move on from Love if they had a top-five pick. Of course not. But it's a real question to have. If the Packers keep losing, they need to determine how much of it is on Love. Do they need to focus on improving everything around him (including coaching), or is Love to blame? The answer is likely somewhere in between.