6 Packers candidates to be cut going into the summer

Which position battles might heat up more than others?
Green Bay Packers, Packers roster
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This offseason, the Green Bay Packers have completely overhauled some key positions on the roster.

Some of those positions might now see a fiery competition for guys fighting not only for a significant role on the team, but a job in general.

As we inch closer to the thick of the offseason program and training camp, Green Bay has six guys which may wind up on the outside looking in, thanks to the Packers investing in others at the same position.

Fans will want to pay attention to these veterans and the names competing against them for a job this summer

Caleb Jones, OT

Former undrafted free agent, Caleb Jones, is the first who might be quick to lose a job this summer. The Packers invested a first-round pick in Jordan Morgan while also spending a sixth rounder on Travis Glover. Draft capital means something, therefore it's tough to see Glover not making this team.

The Packers also have Rasheed Walker and Andre Dillard ahead of Jones on the depth chart, and it isn't likely that either one of them are beat out by a guy who played just a single snap on special teams last season, appearing in that lone game in 2023.

Kristian Welch, MLB

The Packers used a second-round pick on Texas A&M linebacker Edgerrin Cooper, who comes in and, in all likelihood, will get the starting middle linebacker spot. Behind Cooper is the veteran Isaiah McDuffie, and then there's Kristian Welch.

Mostly a special teams player, Welch spent last year with the Packers after the first three years of his career were spent in Baltimore. Now that the Packers have Cooper in the fold, there might not be space to keep Welch on this roster, depending on how many inside linebackers Green Bay wants to keep.