Every questionable call from the end of Packers-Chiefs, ranked

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2. Stopping the clock after Marquez Valdes-Scantling went out of bounds

Another decision that could've cost the Packers the game was on a Marquez Valdes-Scantling catch. MVS made a reception at Green Bay's 33-yard line, where he was immediately met by Corey Ballentine. In most circumstances, the play would've been blown dead with Valdes-Scantling's forward progress.

Instead, the officials allowed play to go on. Fine. No problem. MVS gets out of bounds, but the clock still shouldn't have stopped. Ballentine tackled Valdes-Scantling out of bounds, and he was moving backward. The rule is clear: The clock continues to wind if a player is touched while moving backward out of bounds.

Only 19 seconds remained, and the Chiefs had no timeouts. A winding clock changes everything. Instead, the clock stopped, giving Kansas City plenty of time to take shots into the end zone.

1. Missed pass interference on Carrington Valentine

The Packers got away with one here.

With 49 seconds remaining, Patrick Mahomes took a deep shot to Marquez Valdes-Scantling. MVS had gained separation on Carrington Valentine and had a chance to score the game-tying touchdown. While Valentine did get his hand on the ball to break up the pass, it was clear pass interference.

Valentine was all over MVS. He pretty much climbed on his back. Had the refs called it, Kansas City would've been set up with first-and-goal from around Green Bay's 5-yard line with more than enough time to score a touchdown.

Yet another awful call.

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