Chris Simms believes Packers could bench Jordan Love for Sean Clifford

Seattle Seahawks v Green Bay Packers
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The Green Bay Packers are a mess. But is it time to give Sean Clifford a chance? Former NFL quarterback Chris Simms believes it could happen in the near future.

Green Bay is averaging only 17 points over the past six games, including an embarrassing 3.17 in the first half of those games.

The problem the Packers have is it's tough to identify the biggest concern. Is it Jordan Love? Possibly. But how can they properly evaluate him while his receivers are dropping passes and running wrong routes, and the offensive line can't block?

However, with the Packers' offensive struggles worsening, Simms believes the team could soon make a change.

Should the Packers turn to Sean Clifford?

NBC's Chris Simms, a former third-round pick by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, believes the Packers could soon get Clifford ready to play.

"The inconsistencies of the Packers offense. It's even more than I thought it would be," said Simms. "I wonder with them if they're going to start talking or getting Sean Clifford ready to go, 'Hey, you might need to come in here if we go through another first half like we did yesterday where Jordan Love and the offense are that inept.'"

While Simms' points are understandable, it's a hard no for me.

The Packers will -- and should -- give Love the full season. Clifford doesn't fix this offense. It likely gets a lot worse if he takes over the reins.

Love deserves time to turn things around. Benching him for Clifford, even if only temporarily, effectively ends his chances of becoming the Packers' long-term QB1.

His best performance came in Week 1 against the Chicago Bears. With David Bakhtiari and Aaron Jones healthy, the offensive line held up, Jones played a key role, and Love looked great.

The Packers need to support their young quarterback, not bench him. Then, once the regular season is over and they have a full year of tape to evaluate, they can make a decision. If Love's struggles continue into January and the Packers land a top-five pick, perhaps they decide to draft another QB.

Green Bay may even give Love longer than that. At the very least, they must give him the entire season to evaluate his play.

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