Packers coach Matt LaFleur calls out FOX for misquoting him about Anders Carlson

Green Bay Packers
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Anders Carlson experienced the worst moment of his NFL career in the Green Bay Packers' playoff loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

It didn't help that, just moments later, the FOX broadcast reported that head coach Matt LaFleur said he "prays" every time Carlson goes out to kick.

I mean, we wouldn't blame him. Packers fans have felt that way all season. There was a sense of inevitability that a miss would come at the worst possible time, which is exactly how it played out in the divisional round.

But LaFleur was understandably angry about Tom Rinaldi's report on the TV broadcast.

Packers coach Matt LaFleur says Anders Carlson comments were taken out of context

It could've created an awkward situation between Carlson and his head coach. It's hardly ideal to have a brutal missed kick in the playoffs, followed by a report of your coach throwing you under the bus.

LaFleur wasn't happy with the way the comments were portrayed on air.

"That was extremely disappointing that that's how that message got portrayed. I've been part of production meetings ever since I became a coordinator, and I've never had an experience like that," said LaFleur.

It did seem strange at the time. Announcers have to be careful with what they reveal on-air from production meetings. The broadcast team gets to spend a lot of time with coaches in the build-up to a game, but there is a two-way trust that they won't reveal anything they shouldn't.

Reporting what LaFleur said about Carlson felt like a breach of trust from Rinaldi. Even worse, LaFleur says his comments were taken out of context.

"It is what it is. I talked to Anders about it," said LaFleur. "I think anytime something is out of your control, kind of saying it in jest and having fun with it, but it got portrayed that way, and it's a learning lesson for me."

It's fair to assume LaFleur will be a little more cautious in future production meetings, especially if Rinaldi is there.

Whether LaFleur said it in jest or seriously meant those comments, it's not ideal that the conversation came out live on air just moments after Carlson missed a kick that led to the Packers' season-ending defeat. It's an awkward situation for the Packers, creating unnecessary drama after a playoff loss.

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