Colin Cowherd says what every Packers fan is thinking about Jordan Love

Green Bay Packers v Las Vegas Raiders
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Green Bay Packers fans are concerned with Jordan Love's recent performances. Understandably so.

Love started the season strong, throwing six touchdown passes with no interceptions in the opening two games, but things haven't been the same since. Love has three touchdowns and six interceptions in the past three weeks, and his performances are getting worse.

Injuries have played a part, and the Packers have an incredibly young and inexperienced offense. But great quarterbacks can overcome that.

Love isn't a rookie. He lacks experience, having sat on the bench for the first three seasons of his NFL career, but he is not a rookie. He understands the offense, has developed behind a Hall-of-Famer for three years, and needs to play better.

It's a long season, and the Packers' bye comes at a good time. Head coach Matt LaFleur gets an opportunity to reflect, regroup, and come up with a plan for the rest of the season.

But Love doesn't have a fan in Colin Cowherd.

Colin Cowherd calls Packers' Jordan Love "little more than a backup"

Love hasn't looked like a franchise quarterback this season. We have seen great moments, but he has played a lot of bad football in recent weeks. The hope for Packers fans is that Love can turn things around as this offense grows together, but Cowherd believes he is a backup quarterback.

"There are several signs Jordan Love is little more than a backup," Cowherd said on his FS1 show.

"Watch how Green Bay coaches him. They don't trust him. It's hyper-conservative. He only had 15 pass attempts through three quarters. Doubled that in the fourth when he was trailing, but they'd rather not throw."

Head coach Matt LaFleur doesn't seem to know this offense's identity. Committing to the run game was a smart strategy on Monday night, but the Packers rarely tested the Raiders' struggling defense down the field. Cowherd pointed out that Love only attempted 15 passes in the opening three quarters.

Cowherd then hit the nail on the head about Love's first-half struggles.

"Analytics and data prove he is awful in the first half. Can't be a good quarterback -- forget great -- can't be a good quarterback if you are always trailing," said Cowherd.

He's right. Love's first-half numbers are terrible. This season, he has completed 34 of 69 passes (49.3 percent) for 330 yards, two touchdowns, and two interceptions in the first half.

In the second half, he has gone 56 of 93 (60.2 percent) for 753 yards, six touchdowns, and four interceptions.

The Packers have scored 26 points (5.2 per game) in the first half this season and 87 (17.4 per game) in the second. Love seems more comfortable when the Packers are off-script, which is unusual.

Cowherd makes some fair points, although it's a little early to call Jordan Love a backup quarterback. Love is better than several other starting quarterbacks around the league, and no backups would win the job ahead of Love. But there are concerning signs in the opening five weeks.

It is a young offense. As they gain more experience, we'll hopefully see more of the good from Love.

Only time will tell. If Love and the Packers' offense can't find some form against a Denver Broncos defense allowing 450.6 yards and 36.2 points per game (both league-highs), it might be time to hit the panic button.

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