3 players who the Green Bay Packers will likely cut in 2024

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There's a reason why the Green Bay Packers' most notable free-agent signings this year were a long snapper and a backup safety who didn't make the roster.

It all comes back to the salary cap. The Packers had no choice but to restructure contracts in the latter stages of the Aaron Rodgers era, pushing financial issues into the future. They had to maintain a competitive roster to have a shot to win with Rodgers.

With Rodgers gone, the Packers' salary-cap mess needs time to heal. The Rodgers trade benefits Green Bay long-term, as it takes his massive contract off the books, but only after eating a $40 million dead cap hit this season.

Realistically, the Packers won't have much cap flexibility until 2025, and they must make some smart decisions to hit that target.

Here are 3 players the Packers could release to create cap room

Green Bay trading Rasul Douglas achieved two things. The first was to upgrade a fifth-round pick to a third. The other was financial, creating cap space in 2024.

The Packers are rebuilding. They aren't competitive this season and probably won't be next year, either. In the meantime, they must clear as many big contracts off the books as possible, especially for players who aren't in their long-term plans.

And that's why there's a good chance these three players are gone in 2024. With the help of Over The Cap, let's break down the numbers.