3 Packers players who may be cut to free up cap space in 2024

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2. Aaron Jones

Aaron Jones isn't just a key factor for the Packers' offense. He is the offense. Green Bay is a far more productive team when the former Pro Bowler is on the field, so moving on won't be easy.

However, there are two main reasons why the Packers may need to part ways with their star running back: Age and contract.

Jones turns 29 in December. Even though he hasn't had the same workload as other elite running backs around the league, Jones' numbers will decline at some point. There is also a greater injury risk for running backs later in their careers. It's perhaps noteworthy that Jones has yet to play a full game this season due to a hamstring injury.

The biggest issue is Jones' contract. He took a pay cut this past offseason, a move that lowered his cap hit to $8.2 million. But barring a similar move next spring, that number rises to $17.17 million in 2024.

Green Bay would create $4.82 million in cap space by releasing Jones. The Packers would still pay $12.36 million in dead cap for a player no longer on the roster. While far from ideal, it might be the Packers' best option.