3 Packers players who may be cut to free up cap space in 2024

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1. David Bakhtiari

The Packers had little choice but to restructure contracts in recent years just to get under the salary cap. They reworked David Bakhtiari's deal, decisions that lowered his cap hits in the short term but pushed money into the future.

Unfortunately, that future arrives in 2024. Bakhtari's cap hit rises from an affordable $21.34 million this season to a massive $40.58 million. For perspective, that cap number is higher than every quarterback in the NFL this year. MVP Patrick Mahomes has a cap hit of $37.13 million.

The Packers have to do something. The problem is that they don't have many options, and releasing their All-Pro might be their only choice. Doing so would create $21.5 million, with the Packers paying $19.08 million in dead cap.

There's no guarantee that Bakhtiari will play in 2024. The Packers placed him on injured reserve, and he won't play again this season.

It's a tough situation. It would be incredible to watch Bakhtiari return next season, play every game, and make another All-Pro. But given his contract situation, it seems unlikely. The Packers have to find a way to lower Bakhtiari's cap hit, and their only realistic choice could be to move on.

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