Packers Day 3 draft pick signals the end for franchise legend

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The Green Bay Packers have already said goodbye to one franchise legend in the past week, with Aaron Rodgers traded to the New York Jets.

Their latest draft pick may signal the end for another all-time great in Green Bay.

In the sixth round, the Packers selected Auburn kicker Anders Carlson. This could confirm the exit of the Packers' all-time leading points scorer Mason Crosby.

While it felt inevitable, as Crosby remains an unsigned free agent, it's a sad moment. Crosby has stepped up with so many huge kicks over the years, while providing rare consistency at a position so many teams struggle to find.

The Packers have addressed several needs in this draft, including wide receiver and tight end. Unfortunately, that also meant potentially replacing a franchise legend.

Packers Day 3 draft pick signals the end for franchise legend

One of the Day 3 storylines to follow in the draft was whether Green Bay added a kicker. The fact they selected Carlson in the sixth round probably answers the question about Crosby's future.

The Packers drafted Crosby in the sixth round of the 2007 NFL Draft and haven't selected another kicker in the draft since. Until now. Also in the sixth round, Green Bay may have found Crosby's replacement.

Carlson's brother, Daniel, has been in the NFL since 2018. He previously played for the Minnesota Vikings and has been the Las Vegas Raiders' kicker for the past four seasons.

The Packers have been lucky to have such consistency at the position for a decade-and-a-half. That's rare.

Green Bay has enjoyed Hall-of-Fame quarterback play and its greatest-ever kicker. Packers fans have been used to not needing to worry about those two positions.

Hopefully, Carlson will have a long, successful career in Green Bay, but he has big shoes to fill.