Packers draft by the numbers: What history tells us

2022 NFL Draft - Rounds 2-3
2022 NFL Draft - Rounds 2-3 / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

In the 2022 NFL Draft, the Green Bay Packers selected 11 players. They chose three offensive linemen, three wide receivers, three defensive linemen, and a linebacker and defensive back.

What will they do this week when the 2023 NFL Draft begins on Thursday? Well, if history (and recent history in particular) has anything to say about the Packers' draft habits, we might see two or three offensive skill players (tight ends, receivers and possibly a quarterback), likely three offensive linemen, and four or five defensive players.

Over the past three seasons, the Packers had 29 picks and used 17 of them on the offensive side of the ball and the other 12 on the defensive side of the ball.

Since 2003, the last 20 years of the NFL Draft, the Packers have selected 184 players, an average of just over nine per draft. Of those 184, 91 were offensive players, 89 were defensive, and four were players who would fit in the specialty category.

With a little help from Pro Football Reference, here is a by-position look at the number of players chosen by the Packers at each position over the last 20 years of the draft (2003-22).

Number of offensive players drafted by Packers since 2003

  • Centers: 5
  • Guards: 8
  • Tackles: 16
  • Offensive line: 5 (Player was not designated with a specific spot on the line)
  • Wide receivers: 27
  • Tight ends: 9
  • Running backs: 14
  • Quarterbacks: 7

Number of defensive and special teams players drafted by Packers since 2003

  • Defensive linemen: 32
  • Linebackers: 26
  • Defensive backs: 31
  • Placekickers: 1
  • Punters: 2
  • Long snappers: 1

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Tight end has been talked about quite a bit as a position that will be drafted in 2023. The last TE chosen was in 2020 when Josiah Deguara was taken in the third round.

The Pack has selected three offensive linemen in each of the last three drafts, and 11 wide receivers in the last eight drafts.

The team has taken at least one defensive lineman each year in the past 20 drafts. In fact, Green Bay has chosen at least one defensive lineman each year since 1986.

The last time the Packers did not draft a linebacker was in 2010. There have been 10 defensive backs/safeties/cornerbacks chosen by Green Bay in the last six.

Will the Packers in 2023 be predictable to their previous drafts, or will there be some surprises?

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