Packers: All 13 draft picks ranked from worst to best

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4. Jayden Reed, WR

The Packers may have gone against their typical size and athleticism thresholds for the wide receiver position, but that shows how much they liked Jayden Reed. The second-round pick can become an instant starter in the slot for the Packers, and he immediately improves the passing game.

"I think he can be the Packers' WR1," Matt Harmon of Yahoo Sports said. "He's a route-runner. He's a technician. He's a separator. He's great off the line of scrimmage."

In 2021, Reed made 59 receptions for 1,026 yards and 10 touchdowns, averaging 17.4 yards per catch. He can dominate after the catch and should quickly become a top target for Jordan Love.

3. Tucker Kraft, TE

The Packers selected two tight ends on Day 2 of the draft, including South Dakota State's Tucker Kraft.

Kraft is an excellent athlete, with a Relative Athletic Score of 9.68. With his size, strength, and receiving ability, the sky is the limit for Kraft in Green Bay's offense. Like Jayden Reed, Kraft is excellent at picking up yards after the catch. Jordan Love can throw it to him short and let Kraft do the rest.

Don't be surprised if Kraft is in the Week 1 starting lineup. He can be a star for the Packers.