ESPN analyst predicts Jordan Love will become next QB to win first Super Bowl

Green Bay Packers, Jordan Love
Green Bay Packers, Jordan Love / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

Outside of Patrick Mahomes, only a handful of active quarterbacks have Super Bowl rings. Most of them are backups. Among the starters are Aaron Rodgers, Matthew Stafford, and Russell Wilson.

Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs have dominated, winning three of the past five Super Bowls. Retired legend Tom Brady has also won three championships since 2016.

If—and it's a big if—the Chiefs don't win the Super Bowl next season, there's a good chance a new quarterback will earn their first ring. Potential candidates include Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, and Joe Burrow. But what about Jordan Love and the Green Bay Packers?

One analyst believes the Packers could be next.

ESPN names Packers' Jordan Love as next QB to become a Super Bowl champion

Several talented young quarterbacks are chasing their first Super Bowl win. Love belongs in that conversation after his dominant finish to the 2023 season.

ESPN's Mike Greenberg ranked the top five quarterbacks he believes will next win their first Super Bowl. At No. 1? Jordan Love.

"This might surprise you: I'm a believer in Jordan Love, my friends," said Greenberg. "He sat. He watched. He learned. The second half of last season, he was as good as any quarterback in the sport."

Greenberg had Love ahead of Brock Purdy, Burrow, Jackson, and Justin Herbert in the top five.

It's a bold prediction but also understandable.

Many of the best young quarterbacks play in the AFC, which means having to go through Mahomes and the Chiefs every year. And that's on top of facing each other. Burrow, for example, would likely have to eliminate Mahomes and another elite AFC quarterback to reach another Super Bowl.

The path is clearer in the NFC, especially with the 49ers entering a period of uncertainty. San Francisco lacks cap space and has several key free agents. Star running back Christian McCaffrey will enter his eighth season in 2024. How long can he continue to dominate? Left tackle Trent Williams turns 36 in the summer.

The 49ers are also coming off a Super Bowl hangover, which is never easy to overcome.

The NFC isn't easy. Along with the Niners, the Packers face competition from the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys, and other teams will emerge. The Philadelphia Eagles could bounce back in 2024. But Green Bay has a more favorable path than many teams in the AFC.

The Packers should be right there. With a talented young team, Jordan Love, and five top-100 picks in this year's draft, Green Bay has the tools to take another significant step in 2024.

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