Will the Packers exceed their projected win total in 2023?

Can the Green Bay Packers win eight games in their first season with Jordan Love?
Green Bay Packers v Philadelphia Eagles
Green Bay Packers v Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

There are many reasons to be concerned about how the upcoming season will play out for the Green Bay Packers.

Departures featuring Aaron Rodgers and some of his favorite targets in the passing game, combined with an unknown commodity at quarterback in Jordan Love puts Green Bay in a position that they have not been in since the last time they traded a quarterback to the Jets.

Even with everything they have gone through this offseason, can they actually exceed expectations?

All signs point to yes, according to Brad Gagnon of Bleacher Report. Gagnon has the Love-led Packers squad exceeding their projected win total of 7.5 wins, if only by the slightest margin possible.

While Gagnon does have some reservations about the current version of the Packers and considers them to be a "a middle-of-the-pack team at best" with a low floor, a win total of eight is still taken by Gagnon.

This would tie Green Bay with Minnesota for the second-most wins in the division, trailing Detroit (10) while Chicago brings up the rear with just six wins.

Eight wins would be a successful season for new-look Packers

If the Packers are actually able to get to eight wins it would be viewed as a successful season. There are so many unknowns on this current Packers team that there is some skepticism that they can even match last season's win total.

Being able to start the Jordan Love era with a near-winning season in addition to Matt LaFleur being able to show that he can coach a team not led by a future Hall of Fame quarterback would be a massive win.

There would be no reason to panic if Green Bay does not exceed their win total this season as this is a transition year, after all. But if this team massively underperforms, big-picture changes could be on the horizon and that is rarely good for anyone.

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