What's to be expected of Jordan Love-led Packers entering 2023 season?

Seattle Seahawks v Green Bay Packers
Seattle Seahawks v Green Bay Packers / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

The preseason is undoubtedly over for the Green Bay Packers, and despite a few high points, many are wondering just what the season will hold for a team without Aaron Rodgers.

Sports teams are really like religion for their legions of fans, or at least at par for most, and the heroes that take to the gridiron are like prophets or saints, and for some a version of a deity.

Aaron Rodgers was one such hero for many Packers fans, but as the saying goes, out with the old, in with the new. This was something many weren’t ready to face, yet this is what came to pass and we must deal with the fact that Rodgers, who was with the team for so long, is in fact gone.

It hasn’t sunk in just yet for a lot out there, but now that we are at the threshold of a new season, many are kind of getting hit with the reality: There’s a new QB in town and we won’t be seeing that familiar sight of Rodgers out there on the gridiron come game day; something we had all grown quite accustomed to seeing over the years.

Maybe that is what’s making it so bittersweet, the start of the new season and the hype built up around a team that is without a whole lot of veterans. So questions all around, of course.

Realistic expectations for Packers in first season with Jordan Love

The preseason was far from being a dominant one in favor of the Packers. They did win two out of their three games. They defeated the Bengals 36-19 and beat the Seahawks 19-15 just this past Saturday. But in the middle there was a loss to the Patriots, and it is perhaps that one that has some a tad worried about the prospects of a decent season.

And I more than know what many would say: It’s not like the aforementioned hero, Aaron Rodgers, had a decent last season, and they’d be right. The season was a bad one, but there are those that would lay the blame at the doorstep of coach, Matt LaFleur, or rather a complete communication breakdown between Rodgers and LaFleur.

Now to elaborate some more…Jordan Love is a fine QB, a tremendous talent and many are indeed excited to see him shine and give him a chance at proving himself, but nostalgia and fan support for players—especially QBs—is a tough thing for anyone to battle against. Perhaps in the end, that’s what makes a legend a legend in any field.

But despite a few tired voices in the wind, expectations are high for the Packers to start the season off with a bang. Bill Huber at Sports Illustrated believes that yes, a great start for the Packers is in the cards perhaps, even giving them six wins out of the first eight games in a bold prediction.

I would most definitely concur…if a few issues are ironed out. Despite a few hiccups over the preseason, the Packers showed some serious skill and ability there, as well in their two aforementioned wins.

“I’m confident in the offense,” Love stated, extremely happy with the way the offense has been playing. “I think when we get to being consistent, hitting on all our big plays, I think we’re going to be tough to stop.”

Like in anything else, consistency is key. But there are some soft points that need work, particularly on the defensive end, especially when looking at cornerbacks, as both Keisean Nixon and Rasul Douglas have proven to be iffy in their roles.

Movements were made this week for sure, but as of this writing, perhaps not necessarily in the areas that needed the most amount of attention.

The Packers are set to take on the Chicago Bears in their first official game of the NFL season on September 10 at 3:25 p.m. CT.

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