Packers fans are losing it over Jerry Jeudy trade proposal

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The NFL trade deadline is fast approaching. The Green Bay Packers don't tend to make major deals, but they have come close in recent years while trying to add pieces for a Super Bowl push.

This year is different. The Packers are unlikely to mount a serious challenge in the NFC, but they aren't a team in total rebuild mode. Should the Packers buy or sell at the deadline?

The answer likely lands somewhere in between. It could make sense to trade away a veteran in exchange for draft capital that can help accelerate this team's reboot in the upcoming offseason. Equally, trading for a young player with upside also makes sense.

A player to watch is Denver Broncos wide receiver Jerry Jeudy. Matt Lombardo of FanBuzz reported that his sources "expect" the Broncos to make a deal for Jeudy before the deadline.

That's where the Packers could come in. Jeudy checks all the boxes. He is a former first-round pick who entered the league with star potential. He is only 24 years old but has three seasons of NFL experience. For the right price, the Packers could add a long-term weapon for Jordan Love.

ESPN's Bill Barnwell put together several trade proposals that would make sense before the deadline. Among them is a deal that sees Green Bay trade for Jeudy.

The deal? The Packers receive Jeudy and a fourth-round pick in exchange for Romeo Doubs and a second-round choice.

Wow. That would be a significant move for the Packers, but one they absolutely shouldn't make.

Jeudy is a talented player. At the right price, Green Bay should have interest. Jeudy offers WR1 upside while bringing much-needed experience to a young Packers receiving room.

But the Packers would take a massive gamble by parting ways with Doubs and a second-round choice. Doubs is a talented player, having caught 63 passes for 653 yards and six touchdowns in the first 18 games of his Packers career.

Doubs already has good chemistry with Jordan Love and understands the offense. The Packers would be banking on Jeudy's potential to become a star, even though he hasn't met those expectations in the first three-plus seasons of his career.

A second-round pick for Jeudy? That's something the Packers should get behind. But not if it involves sending Doubs the other way.

Best memes and reactions from Packers fans to Jerry Jeudy trade proposal

Packers fans reacted to the trade proposal, and it's fair to say the vast majority are strongly against it, to put it kindly.

If history tells us anything, the Packers won't make any deals before the deadline. They might have a few conversations, but we shouldn't expect much unless a great opportunity arises.

And that's fine. A year ago, the Packers missed out on Chase Claypool. It was considered a wasted opportunity, with Claypool going to the Chicago Bears instead. Well, the Bears have already traded Claypool for a Day 3 pick. Sometimes, the best deals are the ones you don't make.

The Packers should have interest in trading for Jeudy, but not if it involves sending a second-round pick and Romeo Doubs to the Broncos.

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