Packers fans can only laugh at Jets' ridiculous Aaron Rodgers expectations

New York Jets Offseason Workout
New York Jets Offseason Workout / Rich Schultz/GettyImages

By trading Aaron Rodgers, the Green Bay Packers closed their current championship window and abandoned their all-in strategy. As the Packers shift their focus to the bigger picture, the New York Jets enter Super Bowl-or-bust mode.

Packers fans know all too well about the annual offseason drama surrounding Rodgers. From the moment the season ended, questions about Rodgers' future would begin.

Would he retire? Return to Green Bay? Request a trade?

The fans had to wait until training camp in 2021 before getting an answer, March in 2022, and the week of the draft before Rodgers' trade to the Jets was finalized this offseason.

Those days are over for the Packers. It's now the Jets' problem. But while they enjoy the honeymoon phase after trading for the four-time MVP, have the Jets set their expectations a little too high?

Packers fans can only laugh as Jets reportedly expect three seasons from Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers has been in year-to-year mode for a while. However, according to Connor Hughes of SNY, the Jets "expect three years out of Rodgers."

Wait, what? Three years?

Rodgers admitted he was 90% retired earlier this offseason before being traded. Now the Jets expect him to play three more seasons?

That doesn't mean he won't. Rodgers will turn 42 in the 2025 season. Tom Brady's career was only just getting started at 42. Brady still played for the New England Patriots when he was 42. After that, he joined a new team and won another Super Bowl.

Rodgers could play another few seasons, but he has seriously considered retiring more than once.

Packers fans understand the offseason drama and ups and downs of Rodgers' uncertain future. Soon, the Jets will, too.

Maybe a fresh start has changed Rodgers' mindset. Perhaps he is motivated to play as long as Brady and believes he can play several years in New York. But considering he was 90% retired just a few months ago, that feels like a stretch.

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