Packers fans prepare for the worst after Jaire Alexander's cryptic social media post

Green Bay Packers
Green Bay Packers / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

It was a weird season for Green Bay Packers star cornerback Jaire Alexander.

Alexander was in and out of the lineup due to injury, although he was practicing for a lot of that time. Even when he was healthy, the Packers suspended him for a must-win game against the Minnesota Vikings on New Year's Eve.

Making himself a captain before the Week 16 game against the Carolina Panthers may have been the final straw, but Packers coach Matt LaFleur never revealed why they suspended Alexander, saying, "It's never for one thing."

It leaves a cloud of uncertainty over Alexander's future. He only added to the confusion with his latest social media post.

Did Jaire Alexander's cryptic Instagram post hint at Packers departure?

Jaire Alexander posted a thank you message on Instagram, featuring several photos from his time in Green Bay, many of them with fans.

Alexander wrote: "Thank you God. Thank you Lambeau, for 6 years. Thank you those who showed love throughout my journey."

OK, now we're worried. What does that mean?

It could just be an expression of appreciation to the fans after an up-and-down season for Alexander. But the fact that he mentioned his six years and ended with "throughout my journey" has the tone of a goodbye message.

Could Alexander's time in Green Bay actually be over?

Well, it's complicated.

Per Spotrac, Alexander's cap hit reaches $23.98 million in 2024. Releasing or trading him would leave the Packers with a dead cap hit of $27.46 million—Green Bay would lose cap space by moving on.

Financially, it makes no sense. The Packers would take a salary-cap hit and lose an All-Pro. However, if it's time to move on, then maybe it's a move they must make. Green Bay would likely land premium draft capital in a deal for Alexander. Is eating an additional $3.5 million in cap space worth it for a first-round pick? Maybe.

We'll see. Alexander's social media post might mean nothing, but it's something to watch closely.

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