Best memes and tweets as Packers fans react to Aaron Rodgers pay cut

New York Jets Training Camp
New York Jets Training Camp / Rich Schultz/GettyImages

First, Aaron Rodgers showed up to the New York Jets' organized team activities. Now, he has taken a massive pay cut.

Green Bay Packers fans have been reacting to the news.

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Rodgers' new deal means he is taking a $35 million pay cut. That's significant. It frees up cap space for the Jets to make moves over the next year or two.

Packers fans have reacted in various ways.

Some fans are, understandably, unhappy that Rodgers chose this moment to take a massive pay cut. Not during his time in Green Bay, when doing so could've helped him win a second Super Bowl with the Packers.

Other fans simply don't care. They are well and truly past Rodgers. Some are happy for him. Others see the funny side.

Packers fans have been reacting to the news on Twitter, and some of the reactions are hilarious.

Packers fans react on Twitter to Aaron Rodgers pay cut

What if Rodgers had made a similar move three years ago? The Packers' 2020 team had the best chance of winning the Super Bowl since 2014. What if they had the extra cap space to sign another free agent?

The Packers will pay a little over $40 million on their salary cap for Rodgers this season. The Jets will pay significantly less, especially after his pay cut. We can only laugh.

Here are some of the other best memes and tweets following the news:

Rodgers deserves credit, there's no doubt about that. He is giving up a lot of money to help his team. That will win over Jets fans and players, and it may be the difference in helping the Jets land another star player. Davante Adams?

But it's also understandable why many Packers fans aren't as thrilled. Watching Rodgers show up for OTAs and then take a significant pay cut -- the complete opposite of what he did in Green Bay last season -- hasn't gone down well with the entire fanbase.

It should lead to a fascinating season, that's for sure.

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