Packers fans couldn't stop laughing at Bears for blowing 28-7 lead vs. Broncos

Denver Broncos v Chicago Bears
Denver Broncos v Chicago Bears / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The Chicago Bears did a great job of making Week 4 a little better for Green Bay Packers fans.

Chicago looked on track to finally win a game after losing 13 straight. The Bears had a dream matchup against a Denver Broncos team that had just given up 70 points to the Miami Dolphins.

And it started so well. Justin Fields completed his first 16 passes of the game, a new franchise record, three of which were touchdowns, making life look just as easy as it did for the Dolphins a week ago.

Chicago opened up a 28-7 lead in the third quarter. Then? The Bears remembered they were the Bears, allowing 24 unanswered points to lose to the Broncos.

Packers fans were absolutely loving it.

Packers fans dunked on the Bears after throwing away 28-7 lead to Broncos

Remember all the trash talk Packers fans received from Bears fans in the summer? This was supposed to be their year. But the Bears just can't help themselves.

Former Packers quarterback Kurt Benkert enjoyed the Bears' meltdown.

Thursday night didn't go well for the Packers, but at least we got to enjoy this Bears performance on Sunday.

Only the Bears could do that against the Broncos.

They are now 0-4 and looking on course for another top-five draft pick. But it was supposed to be different. With Aaron Rodgers gone, the Bears were meant to take over the NFC North, right? That's what we were repeatedly told.

How can the Bears come back from this? They held a 28-7 lead in the third quarter at home to a winless team that lost 70-20 a week ago. The Broncos were finished.

Detroit leads the way in the NFC North at 3-1. Green Bay is second at 2-2, then Minnesota at 1-3, and finally Chicago, a team without a win in almost a year.

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