Packers fans are already sick of AJ Dillon after Week 1 performance

AJ Dillon struggled against the Bears in Week 1.

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears
Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages

It was hard to believe Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon were playing behind the same offensive line in the Green Bay Packers' season-opening victory over the Chicago Bears.

Whereas Jones was at his explosive best, Dillon struggled to break tackles and make an impact on the game.

Dillon had 13 carries for 19 yards. That's 1.5 yards per carry. Patrick Taylor -- who was promoted from the practice squad -- had 22 yards on only five attempts.

Earlier in the week, the Packers were surprisingly linked to a trade for Indianapolis Colts star running back Jonathan Taylor. Now, many fans are wondering whether the team needs to find a new RB2 behind Jones. Dillon's performance didn't exactly put an end to the Taylor conversation.

The Packers dominated the Bears in Week 1, but Jones suffered a hamstring injury that ended his afternoon. Fans are now wondering what's next if Jones misses time.

Packers fans are already panicking over AJ Dillon's Week 1 performance

Dillon will have far better performances than we saw in Week 1. However, he has never quite taken the step many expected. He went down far too easily against the Bears and struggled to force missed tackles.

Packers fans weren't happy.

So, what's next? Likely nothing. The Packers will continue to trust Dillon, who has been a solid RB2 in recent years. However, one has to wonder whether Matt LaFleur will consider giving an opportunity to undrafted rookie Emanuel Wilson. He looked great in the preseason and surprisingly earned a roster spot.

Wilson was inactive on Sunday, with the Packers promoting Taylor to the active roster for his special teams ability.

Dillon needs a far better performance in Week 2, or the Packers could find themselves in a tough spot. Maybe they can restart those Jonathan Taylor trade talks...

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