Packers free agent Marcedes Lewis reveals update on his future

What's next for Green Bay Packers free-agent tight end Marcedes Lewis?

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Marcedes Lewis is one of the Green Bay Packers' remaining free agents this offseason.

Returning to Green Bay may seem unlikely, but the 39-year-old tight end appears to have no intention of retiring anytime soon.

Lewis's future in the NFL remains unclear. He became a free agent at the start of the new league year and has yet to reach an agreement with a new team. A reunion with Aaron Rodgers would make some sense, but Lewis is one of the fewer former Packers not to join the New York Jets this offseason.

The Jets' depth at tight end may prevent that from happening, although it's a move that would please Aaron Rodgers and one they should seriously consider.

Lewis doesn't appear to have any plans to retire this summer.

Packers free-agent tight end Marcedes Lewis provides update on his future

Lewis is still available in free agency, and he made it clear he is ready to play.

"I'm excited for it. I'm antsy. I want to hurry up and figure out where I'm going to be. But it's definitely an honor to still be able to do it," Lewis said, according to The Associated Press.

"My agent is in talks with a handful of teams, but it's just small talk. I guess teams are trying to figure out their rosters and what they need."

Lewis can still play, there's no doubt about it. He is still an excellent blocker, and that's valuable for every team in the NFL.

His Packers teammates loved him. Lewis not only provides value with his play on the field, but arguably his biggest strength is his leadership -- 'Big Dog' is an incredible leader.

If Lewis wants to keep playing -- which he has made pretty clear -- there should be interest from teams. On an affordable one-year contract, why not?

The Packers are unlikely to be in Super Bowl contention and just drafted two tight ends. That likely rules them out. But it's surprising the Jets haven't made a deal happen, especially given how much Aaron Rodgers loves playing with Lewis.

It won't be surprising if that deal gets done this summer.

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