Will the Green Bay Packers appear on Hard Knocks in 2023?

Green Bay Packers Training Camp
Green Bay Packers Training Camp / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

Could the Green Bay Packers be selected for the "Hard Knocks" TV series this summer?

The show gives a behind-the-curtain look at one team's preparation for the regular season throughout training camp. It provides amazing insight for fans, especially if it's their favorite team, but the coaches are often against it, understandably.

The Packers have never been selected for "Hard Knocks." Will that change this summer?

Which team is on 2023 Hard Knocks?

The Packers almost certainly won't appear on "Hard Knocks" this year, although the team hasn't yet been announced.

According to CBS Sports, three different reasons prevent a team from being forced to appear on the show. If a team has a first-year head coach, made the playoffs in the past two seasons, or has appeared on "Hard Knocks" in the past 10 years, they can decline the opportunity to be selected.

The Packers made the playoffs in the 2021 season, so they are out of the running for this year's show.

Four teams meet the criteria and could be selected: the New York Jets, Chicago Bears, New Orleans Saints, and Washington Commanders.

Could we see Aaron Rodgers' arrival in New York on "Hard Knocks" this summer? Now, that would be fun.

When could the Packers appear on Hard Knocks?

The Packers could be eligible for "Hard Knocks" in 2024.

If Green Bay doesn't reach the playoffs this season and doesn't replace Matt LaFleur as head coach, it could be selected next year.

The Packers missing the postseason would be the second year in a row. However, if the Packers made a head coach change, it would rule them out of appearing in next year's "Hard Knocks."

While the Packers won't appear on this season's edition of "Hard Knocks," it's possible they will feature in 2024.

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