Packers hiring Jeff Hafley could completely screw over the Vikings

Green Bay Packers
Green Bay Packers / Cody Glenn/GettyImages

The Green Bay Packers made a significant defensive change by hiring Boston College head coach Jeff Hafley.

Hafley will run a far more aggressive defense featuring plenty of single-high coverages. It's the complete opposite of Joe Barry's system, which often operated in a two-shell, aiming to prevent big plays by keeping everything in front of the defense.

Every defensive system has pros and cons—none are perfect. But it should make for a fascinating change of approach, and it should better suit the players currently on the Packers' roster.

Of course, hiring Hafley is significant for the Packers, but it could also impact a division rival.

Packers hiring Jeff Hafley could cost Vikings defensive coordinator Brian Flores

The Vikings hired Brian Flores as their defensive coordinator last offseason, and the results were immediate. Flores helped Minnesota's defense improve from 24th to 11th in defensive DVOA. The Vikings were strong against the run, ranking eighth. They allowed a respectable 21.3 points per game, having given up an average of 25.1 in 2022.

Vikings fans feared they would lose Flores to a head coach opportunity this offseason. Flores didn't land an NFL job but could still become a head coach in 2024.

One potential landing spot is Boston College, as Hafley's departure creates an opening at head coach. The New England Football Journal named 10 possible replacements for Hafley, and it includes Flores.

Flores has never coached in college, but he has a connection to Boston College, having played there from 1999-2003. He also has head coaching experience with the Miami Dolphins. Flores may prefer to stay with the Vikings and go for another NFL head coach job in the future, but a move to Boston College could make sense.

And it would be perfect for the Packers. Not only would Matt LaFleur have hired the defensive coordinator he wanted, but the decision would also have cost the Vikings their defensive coordinator.

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