Did Packers hurt Yosh Nijman's trade value with latest comments?

Packers offensive coordinator Adam Stenavich gave a blunt response to a question about Yosh Nijman's role this season.
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Yosh Nijman falling down the depth chart was one of the surprises of Green Bay Packers training camp.

Nijman was expected to compete with Zach Tom for the starting right tackle job, but by the final preseason game, second-year Rasheed Walker earned first-team reps ahead of Nijman.

Tom began training camp as the starter at right tackle and never looked back. It became apparent pretty early on that Tom had secured a starting job.

With Nijman no longer a starter and Walker seemingly ahead of him on the depth chart, many have wondered whether the Packers should trade Nijman. After all, teams around the league need help at tackle, which is a premium position. Nijman has shown his ability as a quality starter in recent years.

One such team could be the New York Jets. They have a roster ready to win now with Aaron Rodgers, but uncertainty at tackle is the number one concern. Nijman could help.

However, did Packers offensive coordinator Adam Stenavich just hurt Nijman's trade value?

Packers coach gives brutal assessment of Yosh Nijman's role

Stenavich spoke to reporters on Thursday, and he gave an honest answer to a question about Nijman's role this season.

"Right now, he's a backup tackle for us. That's where he's at, and football is a very competitive sport, and some guys rise to that competition and some guys don't, so that's basically all I have to say about that," said Stenavich.

That's not exactly what you want to hear from a coach, and it's a surprising answer. Stenavich easily could've talked about the Packers' great depth at tackle and praised Nijman. The fact he didn't is notable.

It also doesn't exactly help with any potential trade negotiations that could come later in the season. If the Packers believe he is their fourth-best tackle, speaking with other teams in need of help at the position makes sense.

But Stenavich's comments aren't particularly helpful. He implies that Nijman has been unable to "rise" to the competition.

It was unexpected to hear Stenavich give such a blunt answer about a player who started 21 games over the past two seasons. All this does is add more questions about Nijman's future with the Packers.

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