4 Packers who will immediately benefit from Jeff Hafley replacing Joe Barry

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2. Jaire Alexander

At his best, Jaire Alexander is one of the league's top shutdown cornerbacks. Alexander can dominate when he has the opportunity to follow the opponent's No. 1 wide receiver and play man coverage, and he will get that chance in Hafley's system.

Joe Barry played a lot of soft-zone coverages with two-high safeties. The aim was to keep the action in front of the defense, allowing them to rally to the ball and tackle for a minimal gain. The issue was that it didn't play into Alexander's strengths, and he is one of the Packers' most important players.

Alexander loves the competition. He wants to be in the contest. Sitting off receivers and giving them free yards isn't the way to get the best out of him.

That should change in 2024. There will be plenty of times when the Packers need to play zone coverage, but Alexander will get more opportunities to play to his strengths. His physicality makes him an excellent press-man corner, which could become a key part of the Packers' more aggressive defense.

Alexander is coming off a frustrating season. He struggled to stay healthy and wasn't consistently playing at his best. But with a fresh start in a new scheme, Hafley can help Alexander get back to the level that earned him two All-Pro and Pro Bowl honors.