4 Packers who will immediately benefit from Jeff Hafley replacing Joe Barry

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1. Matt LaFleur

The biggest winner is Matt LaFleur. It's no secret that LaFleur's strength is what he brings to the Packers' offense. It's his scheme and he calls the plays. While LaFleur has the final say on the defense, he hands off play-calling duties to his defensive coordinator.

Green Bay's defensive struggles under Barry forced LaFleur to become more involved than he previously had been. After Baker Mayfield earned a perfect passer rating at Lambeau Field, LaFleur admitted he would "absolutely" take on a greater role on defense. It worked, as the Packers' defense made significant progress in the final two games of the regular season and into the playoffs.

Hafley can take full control of the defense. He is a former head coach and knows how to lead a team. The Packers have assembled an impressive defensive staff, including new linebackers coach Anthony Campanile and defensive pass game coordinator Derrick Ansley. Campanile interviewed for a defensive coordinator job this offseason, while Ansley was the Los Angeles Chargers' defensive coordinator in 2023.

Of course, LaFleur will still have a significant say on defense. But he now has a defensive staff he can trust to lead the way when he is focusing on other areas of the team.

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