Can the Packers and Jets renegotiate trade after Aaron Rodgers injury?

The Packers and Jets may need to renegotiate.

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Aaron Rodgers' injury is the worst-case scenario for the New York Jets and Green Bay Packers. Rodgers suffered a torn Achilles on the first drive of his Jets career, ending his season.

The Jets lose their franchise quarterback, likely ending their Super Bowl dreams. The Packers miss out on a first-round pick. Rodgers had to play 65% of the Jets' snaps for the conditional draft pick to become a first.

We now know that the Packers will receive a 2024 second-rounder from the Jets. However, that pick is still technically "conditional," which could create some issues for both teams this season. Could the two sides renegotiate?

Packers and Jets may need to renegotiate trade after Aaron Rodgers injury

There is no uncertainty about it: Green Bay will receive New York's second-round pick in 2024.

However, it's not official. Technically, it is still a "conditional" pick, as Rodgers still has the chance to play 65% of the snaps. Of course, we know that isn't going to happen, but in terms of the trade, we can't count the snap counts until the end of the season.

Why could this become a problem?

If the Packers or Jets want to trade for a player before this season's deadline, having an extra pick available would help.

New York knows it won't have to give up a first-rounder next year, but it can't use that selection in a trade this season because it technically still could go to Green Bay in the Rodgers deal. The Jets can't use either of their top-two picks as they are effectively locked in the Packers deal.

The same goes for Green Bay. The team knows it will enter 2024 with two second-rounders. However, because the Jets pick isn't official, it can't use it in a trade package this season.

However, there is a potential solution. According to Justis Mosqueda of Acme Packing Company, the two teams could renegotiate the deal. They can agree to remove the conditions and send the Jets' 2024 second-rounder to the Packers.

It would give Green Bay immediate control of the pick and free up New York's first-rounder.

A renegotiation could suit both teams.

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