Packers: Don't look now, but Jordan Love is putting it all together

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To say Jordan Love's first season as the Green Bay Packers starting quarterback has been a rollercoaster is an understatement.

There have been moments that have seen the Packers' signal caller throw for a high volume of touchdowns without an interception, and others where the complete opposite has been true. But it is the last few weeks that have resulted in a consistent level of play from Love that may put to rest any discussions of finding a new quarterback after the season, at least for a little while, if not entirely.

Over his last four games, Love has completed 65.2% of passes with eight touchdowns and two interceptions. This stretch has seen the former Utah State quarterback average 276.8 yards per game through the air, with his yards per attempt sitting at 8.02, over a yard more than his season average (7.0).

The only game over the recent stretch in which Love failed to throw for more than 260 yards was the 20-3 win over the Los Angeles Rams, a contest where the Packers never trailed. It was also the only game where Love attempted fewer than 30 passes, making it relatively easy to imagine a scenario where a few more attempts result in his 228 yards being at or near the yardage totals of the following three games.

The numbers back up Jordan Love's improvements in Packers last four games

Now, it can be easy to discredit Love's performances due to the average yards allowed by each team's defense. However, it must be noted that Love finished with more passing yards in each contest than the average yards allowed by each defense.


Average Passing Yards Allowed

Love's Passing Total













While averages are only a baseline, and there is always the chance that a quarterback will throw for more than the allowed amount on a per-game basis, doing so in four straight games is nothing to scoff at.

However, Love needs to work on a couple of areas. While this is not always the fault of a quarterback, Love has been sacked eight times during this stretch, seven of which came against the Rams and Chargers. Seeing this number drop is necessary and could be something that has been corrected, considering that he was not sacked in Thursday's win over Detroit.

The other area in need of work is late-game interceptions. Love threw two interceptions against the Steelers while in the red zone and with a chance to take the lead. These are the chances that good quarterbacks do not squander, at least not twice on consecutive drives. This was a learning experience for Love, and hopefully, one that he can grow from moving forward.

It certainly appears as though the Packers may have something to work with in Love. The areas to work on are not necessarily surprising, considering his relative inexperience as a full-time starter. However, these appear to be something he can correct over time through in-game action.

Love will have plenty of opportunities to continue to prove he is the team's future at the quarterback position over the next six weeks. Should Love keep playing at a similar level, it would bring a sense of relief to the franchise for the immediate and long-term future, a possibility that seems incredibly likely when considering his in-season development.

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