Packers' Jordan Morgan is already being labeled one of NFC's biggest busts

Can Jordan Morgan play a snap before being named a bust?
Jordan Morgan
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The Green Bay Packers' selection of Jordan Morgan was met with moderate surprise. Fans hoping for Cooper DeJean were disappointed, but the general view was: "That makes sense."

Morgan is about as perfect a Packers prospect as you'll find. Green Bay loves athletic offensive linemen who excel in pass protection, especially if they offer tackle experience and positional versatility.

The Arizona product checks those boxes. GM Brian Gutekunst said Morgan has "left tackle feet," referring to his impressive footwork and movement ability, which can help overcome concerns about his lack of length.

The Packers also value high-character players. As Gutekunst noted, Morgan is a two-time captain and is "our kind of guy."

Add in the potential for Morgan to move inside to guard, and he meets all of the Packers' preferences for an early-round investment along the offensive line. However, the pick has been met with a fair share of criticism.

Packers first-rounder Jordan Morgan named an NFC draft pick 'most likely to be a bust'

Sports Illustrated's Gilberto Manzano named five draft picks from the NFC who are most likely to be busts. At No. 5 on the list is Morgan. While Manzano agrees with the decision to add a tackle in the first round, he believes the Packers may have picked the wrong player.

"They needed a left tackle after cutting David Bakhtiari, but they selected Morgan, whom many draft experts viewed as a better guard than tackle," writes Manzano. "If they wanted a true tackle, the Packers could have selected Tyler Guyton, who went four picks later to the Dallas Cowboys."

It's unfair to label Morgan a potential "bust" because he might move to guard. He could become an outstanding interior lineman in the NFL, which would still prove the Packers right for drafting him. However, the debate about taking Morgan over Guyton or another top prospect like Graham Barton is fascinating and one that will be monitored closely in the coming seasons.

Morgan undoubtedly fits what the Packers look for more than Guyton. He has more experience, including at left tackle. Morgan started 37 games at left tackle, while Guyton only made 14 starts, with almost all of his snaps coming on the right side. Morgan also offers the versatility to move inside, whereas Guyton will likely remain at tackle in the NFL.

The Oklahoma product checked every box athletically but didn't meet Green Bay's size thresholds and lacks the same versatility as Morgan.

But that doesn't mean the Packers were right. Guyton may end up a better player.

I push back strongly on the idea that Morgan is likely to be a bust. Any prospect could struggle in the NFL, but the Arizona product is among the safer picks in the first round due to his experience, athleticism, and versatility. Even if it doesn't work out at tackle, he could become a quality starting guard.

However, a conversation about whether Green Bay picked the right offensive lineman is interesting. Morgan might be a safer pick, but the Packers may have passed on a future Pro Bowl center with positional versatility in Barton and a potential star left or right tackle in Guyton.

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