Josh Jacobs is dealing with the most predictable injury during Packers OTAs

Nope, don't like that...
Green Bay Packers, Josh Jacobs
Green Bay Packers, Josh Jacobs / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

This offseason, the Green Bay Packers completely changed up their running back room, starting by signing veteran Josh Jacobs away from the Las Vegas Raiders.

Jacobs is set to lead a back field along with another new face, rookie Marshon Lloyd out of USC. Green Bay also brought back A.J. Dillon, so there is potential for this Packers offense to utilize a 3-headed monster.

As Packers OTAs kicked off on Tuesday, though, one of those running backs was already dealing with an injury.

Josh Jacobs was limited in practice due to ... drum roll ... a hamstring injury.

The last injury Green Bay thought they'd deal with has already crept up

Last season, the Packers endured several hamstring injuries. A lot of the time, these injuries come up due to malpractice within a training regimen. Sometimes, trainers and coaches might miss something they should have otherwise spotted, or worse, they don't take proper precautions and/or fail to coach proper technique.

Because of the plethora of hamstring injuries in Green Bay in 2023, Matt LaFleur and the organization decided to fire strength and conditioning coach Chris Gizzi back in January.

The good news? There's plenty of it. First of all, this is only OTAs, so there's no reason to rush Jacobs onto the field until he's feeling 100 percent. It's only May. if this was late August, there might be reason to get a little worried.

Secondly, this is the first documented hamstring injury of Jacobs' career. Last year, he did miss some time due to a quad injury. But, this area hasn't been a lingering issue for the veteran running back.

For now, the Packers' hope is that Jacobs can heal up and get healthy. In the meantime, it'll be a great opportunity for Lloyd to work in some additional reps. The rookie comes to a team that will allow him to face off against his college quarterback, Caleb Williams, twice per year, which is all the more reason for Lloyd to get on the field and accustomed to the offense.

Hopefully, Jacobs is able to recover in a timely manner. He had already come back from injury in order to test free agency as healthy as possible, so it's a shame to see him hurt this soon into the offseason program.