Packers could land even more Jets draft picks in Aaron Rodgers trade

The Aaron Rodgers trade may still land the Packers additional draft picks.
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The Green Bay Packers landed a great deal from the New York Jets in the Aaron Rodgers trade, but it might not be over yet.

Rodgers' time in Green Bay seemed destined to end, whether a trade elsewhere was agreed or not.

Packers GM Brian Gutekunst negotiated an excellent deal for the Packers. The teams swapped first-round picks this year, bumping the Packers up the order two positions and allowing them to draft Lukas Van Ness.

Additionally, New York sent a second-rounder to Green Bay, which it used to select Luke Musgrave.

The Packers also landed a conditional pick in 2024. It begins as a second-rounder but becomes a first if Rodgers plays at least 65% of the Jets' snaps this season.

It's that conditional pick where things get interesting.

Packers can still land more draft picks from Jets in Aaron Rodgers trade

The Packers will receive either the Jets' first- or second-round pick in next year's draft. But there is a scenario where further negotiations would be required, and the only result is victory for Green Bay.

Justis Mosqueda wrote a fascinating piece for Acme Packing Company, pointing out a potential roadblock for the Jets at the NFL trade deadline later this year.

Rodgers took a significant pay cut this summer, which he said will help the Jets make moves down the line, should they wish.

There is one problem, however. As Mosqueda pointed out, if the Jets want to trade for a player, they can't offer either of their top two picks. One of them is headed to Green Bay, but we don't know which.

"Because that 65 percent mark cannot be calculated until the end of the regular season, the Jets do not have the freedom to use either draft pick at the trade deadline without first coming to a new agreement with the Packers. This was confirmed to me by league sources, who said that a similar issue over conditional draft picks was a factor at the trade deadline last year for at least one proposed trade elsewhere in the NFL."

Justis Mosqueda of Acme Packing Company

Absolutely fascinating.

So, if the Jets want to add a player before the trade deadline and need to part ways with one of those picks, they would first have to negotiate with the Packers.

We spent all spring discussing "leverage." It would be advantage Green Bay in those negotiations. They could essentially block the Jets from acquiring a player unless they made it worthwhile for the Packers. That would likely mean sending another draft pick in 2024 or 2025.

The Jets are all-in. They are going for a Super Bowl. Contending teams often consider moves before the trade deadline.

If the Jets need to send a first- or second-rounder in a trade, they must negotiate with the Packers first.

The Aaron Rodgers trade could land Green Bay even more draft picks.

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