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Yosh Nijman

Yosh Nijman is a solid backup tackle but has been unable to land a starting job this season. He entered training camp in a competition with Zach Tom for the right tackle job, but it quickly became apparent that Tom had won the starting role.

Following David Bakhtiari's injury in Week 1, Green Bay turned to second-year Rasheed Walker over Nijman. It seemed a surprising move, especially with Walker struggling in the first half of the season, but Green Bay's patience with the former seventh-round pick has paid off.

Bakhtiari could be back for the Packers next season. Where does that leave Nijman? If Bakhtiari is healthy, Nijman is likely fourth on the depth chart. Even if Bakhtiari isn't back in 2024, the Packers will likely move forward with Walker and Tom as their starting tackles.

Nijman is an unrestricted free agent and shouldn't have any problem finding a new team in the offseason. There's a shortage of talented tackles in the NFL, and Nijman has starting experience and can help a lot of teams.

But with Walker's emergence this season and the potential return of Bakhtiari in 2024, the Packers could move on from Nijman and add depth at tackle in the draft.

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