Packers listed as potential landing spot for best available free agent linebacker

There are certainly worse ideas on the internet.
Green Bay Packers OTA Offseason Workout
Green Bay Packers OTA Offseason Workout / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

Could I interest you in the best available free agent linebacker? I guess if you're reading this you already kinda are, but nothing beats a hypothetical question lede. Fortunately, Bleacher Report is always down to hypothesize, which certainly comes in hand for days like today when there is no news but the news we will into existence.

In one of their recent blog/listicle/group-of-words, BR took a look at the biggest three positions of need that the Packers still have heading into the season. It's very topical. HOWEVER, at one point, BR suggests the idea of going after one of the best available free agent linebackers left on the market, and to be honest, I'd be okay with it.

Could Kwon Alexander Cameo In Green Bay?

BR suggested Kwon Alexander as a potential flier that the Packers would be interested. If you were expecting a bigger name on July 11th, that's unfortunately on you. Here's what they said.

"Linebacker is another position where the Packers are hoping to get big contributions from a collection of young players ... the Packers are likely going to be hoping that Edgerrin Cooper is ready to play sooner than later. The second-round pick is an ultra-athletic prospect, but it can take time for a linebackers to nail down the finer points of the position at this level ... There are multiple veteran linebackers who could help stabilize the room for them moving forward. Kwon Alexander could be a nice fit and Anthony Barr is still looking for a home."

The names basically jump off the page! Kwon Alexander! Anthony Barr! This is like when you feel societal pressure to Name Dudes on Twitter because everyone else is doing it even though you kinda hate it, but then you give those dudes a real contract and rely on them to make a stop on 3rd and 2. Before you go look at Alexander and Barr's PFF pages in a fit of rage, I'll just make it easy for you: they're not very good. They were both, at one point, very good. Now they're not. But maybe the magic of Lambeau Field will bring the best out of them, or something. I don't know.

The lesson here? Never read the story. Just click on the headline and be on your way.