Packers: How long of a leash should Matt LaFleur have?

Green Bay Packers
Green Bay Packers / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Things are not going well for the Green Bay Packers. The offense has notably struggled and has contributed to their disappointing 2-4 record.

This puts head coach Matt LaFleur squarely in the crosshairs, leading to wondering just how long of a leash he will have in Green Bay.

Some level of struggle was to be expected, considering they turned the keys of the offense over to the relatively inexperienced Jordan Love. With that in mind, the struggles on offense were not supposed to be at the level they are currently experiencing.

The Packers have one of the worst first-half offenses this season, ranking 30th in EPA per play and 31st in overall success rate. This is an offense with just two touchdowns in the first half this season, hardly an acceptable frequency for any team.

Even though starting slow has been a consistent theme throughout the season, the second half has seen much better success for the Packers. It is nearly the complete opposite in both departments, as Green Bay is first in EPA per play and second in success rate. While it is encouraging to see the offense perform better in the final two quarters of the game, routinely being behind the eight ball is no way to live offensively.

It is easy to blame Jordan Love, but why not Matt LaFleur?

Here is the reality of the situation in Green Bay: LaFleur was hired to (eventually) fully implement his style of offense, which should make the quarterback's job easier.

Very little of that was seen with Aaron Rodgers on the roster. Now that Rodgers is gone, LaFleur's scheme and approach is fully on display, leaving much to be desired.

LaFleur's offensive scheme is similar to the system deployed by the likes of Kyle Shanahan, Sean McVay, and Kevin Stefanski, to name a few. These coaches have elevated the play of Jimmy Garoppolo, Brock Purdy, Case Keenum, Kirk Cousins, Baker Mayfield, and Jared Goff.

All of these quarterbacks have seen a high level of success, and all except Purdy (lack of games played) and Cousins (the most consistent of the bunch) have seen some level of immense failure. Love has yet to see an elevated level of play resulting in a Packers win.

Green Bay needs LaFleur to put together his best game plan for this offense to come out firing early and hopefully lead to Love playing at a high level that can result in a much-needed Packers win against Minnesota in Week 8.

If not, questions will continue to mount about the viability of Love as Green Bay's quarterback and the direction of the Packers' offense under LaFleur. While it is not exactly hot seat time yet for LaFleur, acknowledging that there is a seat in the room that could get hot at some point is an appropriate reaction to how things have gone thus far.

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