Matt LaFleur sounded defeated after Packers brutal loss to Broncos

Green Bay Packers
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The Green Bay Packers' offensive nightmare continued after the bye week in a brutal loss to the Denver Broncos.

Even in a matchup with the NFL's worst-ranked defense, Green Bay couldn't consistently find any success. Jordan Love threw for just 180 yards with two touchdowns and an interception. The Broncos held the Packers to 17 points, handing Matt LaFleur's team its third straight loss.

Green Bay has now lost consecutive games against bad football teams. The Broncos and Las Vegas Raiders are a combined 5-9, and two of those victories came against the Packers.

There are so many questions this team has to answer, and it starts with the head coach.

Matt LaFleur has no answers after Packers suffer third straight loss

After the game, LaFleur was asked whether the Packers had made any progress at fixing their slow starts over the bye week.

"Obviously zero," said LaFleur.

The reporter followed up by asking why they hadn't improved.

"That's a great question," LaFleur said after a pause.

Clearly, whatever the Packers' plan was to fix their sluggish first-half offense, it hasn't worked. The Packers didn't score a single point in the opening two quarters against the league's worst defense. That tells us where Green Bay's offense stands.

Another reporter asked LaFleur if he believes the Packers can turn things around on offense and whether they can achieve this soon or if it will take a while.

"Uh, we'll see. I don't know," said LaFleur.

That's...not great. He's hardly taken the opportunity to show confidence in his offense, even if he doesn't honestly believe it.

The Packers were shut out in the first half, continuing their run of awful performances in the opening two quarters. Green Bay is averaging 4.3 first-half points this season and has been held to three or fewer points in the past four games. That falls on the head coach to have a better plan to start games.

Green Bay has now lost four of its past five games, and its lone victory required a miracle 18-point comeback in the fourth quarter.

To make matters worse, the Packers had a week and a half to prepare for the Raiders game and then the bye to get ready for the Broncos. And they failed miserably in both.

The Packers are one of the worst teams in football. There's no getting around that. LaFleur needs to find answers quickly.

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