3 moves Packers must make to avoid disaster vs. Raiders

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers
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1. Packers must have Jaire Alexander follow Davante Adams

All-Pro wide receiver Davante Adams has made an incredible start to the season, catching 33 passes for 397 yards and three touchdowns. No defense has had an answer. Adams is a genius at fooling defensive backs, a master of getting open, and still one of the league's elite wide receivers. The Packers know this better than anybody.

It's impossible to stop Adams completely. He will make plays. But the Packers have to limit him. The only way is to put their All-Pro cornerback on him.

Jaire Alexander missed the previous two games due to a back injury, but he practiced earlier this week, an encouraging sign for Monday Night Football. Assuming he is active, Alexander gives the Packers their best shot at preventing Adams from taking over the game.

Joe Barry doesn't always use Alexander in that role, but he is great at it. He shut down Justin Jefferson at Lambeau Field last season. He only had one catch, which wasn't in Alexander's coverage.

It was the only time he had fewer than two receptions all season. The opposite was true when Barry didn't have Alexander follow Jefferson in the season opener. Jefferson caught nine passes for 184 yards and two touchdowns in the first matchup, leading to the significant changes by Barry later in the year.

Adams will make big plays on Monday night. He always does. But if the Packers are to have any chance of stopping him, they need Alexander to cover him as often as possible.

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