3 moves Matt LaFleur must make to save Packers fading playoff hopes

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1. Fire Joe Barry

This performance has to be the final straw for Joe Barry. Matt LaFleur may opt to wait until the end of the season. Worse yet, he may even stick with Barry. But he shouldn't. Even if LaFleur doesn't feel there's an ideal short-term replacement on his coaching staff, making a change at defensive coordinator could provide a spark.

It can't get any worse.

Baker Mayfield completed 22 of 28 passes for 381 yards, four touchdowns, and a perfect passer rating. The only other player to earn a perfect passer rating at Lambeau Field? Aaron Rodgers.

The Packers made five sacks, but it was sack-or-bust for Barry's defense. If the pass rushers didn't get home, you could almost guarantee Mayfield would make a completion to a wide-open receiver. Eighteen of Mayfield's passes went to Chris Godwin and Mike Evans, with the pair combining for 14 catches, 212 yards, and one touchdown.

In the space of seven days, Barry's defense allowed Mayfield and Tommy DeVito to complete 79.6 percent of their passes for 539 yards, five touchdowns, and a 146.5 rating.

This has to be the final straw. Things may not improve immediately, even with a different defensive coordinator, but LaFleur can't stick with Barry after his defense got humiliated against the Bucs.

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