3 Packers who need expanded roles after victory over Rams

The Packers need to give them more opportunities.
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Devonte Wyatt

Despite his first-round draft status and showing drastic improvements as a pass rusher in 2023, Wyatt has yet to record 60% of defensive snaps in any game this season.

His 66.5 PFF grade is one of the best among Packers defensive linemen, and his 22 pressures this season, despite 121 pass-rush snaps, ranks 14th among all defensive linemen and first in his draft class.

Usually, it's Clark who's dominating the pass rush snaps for Green Bay. But in 2023, it's instead been Wyatt, who ranks 12th in the NFL in pass-rush win rate among defensive linemen.

With Kenny Clark leaving in week nine with a shoulder injury, his status for week ten and beyond is in jeopardy, opening the door for Wyatt to finally see the snap count he's earned. Like Slaton, Wyatt's freakish athleticism and ability to quickly get in the backfield continue to shine on tape.

Even if Clark can return quickly from injury, it would behoove Green Bay to consider how to get Clark, Wyatt, and Slaton on the field more often to maximize the talent they have up front. Karl Brooks and Colby Wooden have filled in nicely as rotational role players to spell the three players, and that pecking order should continue to play out down the stretch.

With the current roster construction set up to take a giant leap forward in 2024, getting Wyatt more involved now will help Green Bay rebound this season and be better off next year.

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