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Aaron Rodgers is already back at Jets practice

Just 79 days after suffering a torn Achilles on his New York Jets debut, Aaron Rodgers is back on the practice field. Packers fans have enjoyed some magical moments from Rodgers over the years, but his lightning-fast recovery from this injury is remarkable.

Returning to practice doesn't mean he's ready to play. The Jets opened up a 21-day practice window, giving them three weeks to promote Rodgers to the active roster. It will depend on how Rodgers' recovery goes in that time, and the Jets need to remain in playoff contention.

However, the fact he is even on the practice field moving this well is incredible. He could probably already put in a better performance than Zach Wilson.

Rodgers returning this season wouldn't do much for the Packers' draft pick. There's no way he could hit the 65 percent of snaps required to give Green Bay a first-round pick. If he plays, New York's chances of winning games increase, which would lower the Packers' draft position with the second-rounder they will receive from the Jets.

But it's an incredible recovery from Rodgers, and it will be a truly unbelievable story if he returns from an Achilles tear in December, only three months on from the injury.