Packers: NFL experts are rushing to buy tickets to the Jordan Love hype train

All aboard the Jordan Love hype train.

New England Patriots v Green Bay Packers
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The Green Bay Packers received nothing but criticism from the moment they drafted Jordan Love.

Why didn't they draft Tee Higgins? Did they not want to win? After one start against the Kansas City Chiefs, analysts were quick to write off Love's potential.

Yet here we are, just two weeks before he takes the reins as the new QB1 in Green Bay, and NFL experts are rushing to buy tickets for the Jordan Love hype train.

Love has impressed in the preseason, building off an excellent summer at training camp. And that builds off his outstanding fourth-quarter performance against the Philadelphia Eagles last season. Love is stacking success and giving Packers fans cause for optimism.

Love's teammates can't speak highly enough about him. But forget about that. What else are they going to say about their QB1? What's particularly notable is how many people outside of Green Bay are publicly praising Love.

Several NFL experts are trying to board the Jordan Love hype train before it's too late.

Packers: NFL experts keep joining the Jordan Love hype train

Everywhere you look, there's another analyst speaking highly of Jordan Love.

"Jordan Love, huh? This dude's a player," said Pat McAfee on the Pat McAfee Show. "The teammates love him. The Packers are going well with him. And against the Patriots, he is throwing f-----g missiles."

And he's not wrong. Love looked great against Bill Belichick's defense. Preseason, yes, but impressive nonetheless.

Packers fans have seen it all summer. Now, it seems, the rest of the NFL world is waking up to the reality that the Packers may know what they are doing when it comes to evaluating and developing quarterbacks.

"I hope everybody is ready," said Rich Eisen on The Rich Eisen Show. "Everybody get ready for Jordan Love to be really freaking good."

Eisen added: "I know you can't buy in too much to preseason football, but that's two for two now. And the Bengals, in their scrimmages before playing against him in the game in Week 1 of the preseason, were like, 'OK. We see him. He's really good.' He's really good."

NFL quarterback turned ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky spent over three minutes praising Love and his footwork.

"Absolutely. Absolutely," said Orlovsky when asked if Packers fans are right to be excited about Love.

The Packers have a formula. They drafted Aaron Rodgers even with Brett Favre still leading the offense. They were bold enough to trade up for Love, even with Rodgers.

Will Love become the next great quarterback in Green Bay? Maybe not. But he is showing signs of becoming a quality starter.

Fans and analysts couldn't stop criticizing the Packers -- well, not here at Lombardi Ave! -- but GM Brian Gutekunst had a plan. He knew Love needed time, but his potential was evident.

With time to sit and develop behind Aaron Rodgers, the hope was that Love could follow in the footsteps of the departing four-time MVP.

Love had three years to learn. The Packers traded Rodgers and again repeatedly got slammed by analysts who believed losing football was on the way. Things seem to be changing, though. Love's performances have NFL experts quickly jumping on the hype train.

Welcome aboard.

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