3 offseason catastrophes the Green Bay Packers must avoid

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2. Neglecting the premium positions in the draft

The Packers love to draft players at premium positions early. Six of their past seven top picks have gone on a quarterback, cornerback, or edge rusher.

Cornerback is a need again this year, but the Packers also require help at safety, guard, linebacker, and running back. They are positions Green Bay typically avoids in the opening couple of rounds. There are exceptions, including Quay Walker and AJ Dillon, but the Packers tend to prioritize great athletes at premium positions early.

Is offensive tackle or edge rusher an urgent need this offseason? No. Rasheed Walker and Zach Tom are quality starters at tackle, and the Packers have Rashan Gary, Preston Smith, and Lukas Van Ness on the edge.

But that's not a reason to ignore those positions early in favor of drafting for need. It's important to take the best player available and continue to restock depth at premium positions.

While Green Bay desperately needs a new starting safety to fit Jeff Hafley's scheme, Gutekunst shouldn't reach for a player at the position in the early rounds if there are better options available.

The Packers should be willing to take players at premium positions. You can never have enough pass protectors and pass rushers. Injuries happen, and you need to be prepared.