Packers must exercise patience with Jordan Love amid widespread concerns

Green Bay Packers
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The past few games have resulted in widespread questions about the viability of Jordan Love as the Green Bay Packers' long-term answer at quarterback. While the concerns are incredibly valid considering how poor Love played in Green Bay's loss to a dysfunctional Raiders team, now is not the time to cast him aside, as patience is required with the current state of the Packers' franchise.

The Utah State product got off to an impressive start, throwing for six touchdowns without turning the ball over in his first two starts. Even though the touchdown to interception rate was impressive, his completion percentage needed work. Love was successful on just 55.8% of his pass attempts during those two games, which suggested that some trouble could be ahead, and that proved to be true.

Green Bay's third-year quarterback saw his completion percentage drop slightly to 55.5%, but his lack of touchdowns and increased interceptions became deeply concerning. With just two touchdowns and six interceptions in the past three games, Love was turning the ball over at a rate that makes it difficult to win games.

Also, Love has been sacked eight times over this span compared to just twice in the previous two games. Green Bay won the first matchup against New Orleans but has dropped the following two. While a loss to Detroit wasn't surprising, losing to the disaster of a team that calls Las Vegas home was unacceptable.

The Jordan Love conundrum: Patience or panic for the Packers?

Love's completion percentage of just 55.6, QBR of 42.3, and 10 sacks leave a lot to be desired, but there were always going to be growing pains in his first full season as Green Bay's starting signal caller.

The 162 pass attempts through five games are nearly double his career total entering this season, meaning that there was always going to be a chance that struggles would be ahead for the young quarterback.

Love may not work out in Green Bay, but throwing him on the scrap heap after five games is premature. This is a very young Packers team with their best days ahead of them. It is wise to wait and see how things play out rather than jumping to conclusions that could prove false.

Love has 12 games to prove he is capable of being the future of the quarterback position in Green Bay. That should be enough to get a good idea of what they have if they need to look elsewhere.

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