6 players who are likely playing their last games with the Packers

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Yosh Nijman

Has Yosh Nijman missed his opportunity?

Second-year Rasheed Walker has had an up-and-down season at left tackle. Matt LaFleur eventually had no choice but to bench Walker for the more experienced Nijman.

However, Nijman hasn't proven the Packers right for making a change. Nijman earned a negative grade from Packer Report's Andy Herman for his performance in Week 11, and the Packers rotated the two tackles throughout the game.

Nijman might be the better player right now, but the Packers' commitment to giving Walker opportunities speaks volumes. They want him to gain experience, a sign they view him as a player to develop for the future. Nijman is a free agent in the offseason.

Walker has struggled in the run game, but he has held up for the most part in pass protection. According to ESPN, Walker ranked fourth in the NFL for pass block win rate entering Week 11. He put in another solid performance in pass protection against the Chargers.

The Packers seem willing to accept Walker's inconsistent play, as they view him as a player for the future. He continues to start ahead of Nijman, potentially indicating that they don't plan to offer Nijman a new deal when his contract expires in the offseason.