3 positions Packers must address in 2024 NFL Draft (and who they should target)

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With 16 games in the bag on the 2023 season, the Green Bay Packers find themselves at 8-8, battling for a final playoff spot.

Despite continuous struggles to stay healthy on either side of the ball, the Packers young offense is outperforming expectations and looking like it has the makings of yet another great Green Bay offense for years to come.

The defense is a diffferent story. The talent is undoubtedly there, with eight players being first-round picks. Still, with an injury-plagued secondary and one of the most questionable defensive schemes in recent Packers history, the unit has held the team back from more success—an all too common theme over the past two decades.

With Jordan Love washing away any doubts about his future on the team, currently tied for third-most total touchdowns in the NFL (34) after 17 weeks, the only thing for sure is that Green Bay won't be looking for a first-round quarterback in the 2024 NFL Draft. More surprising, but also promising, has been the development of the young wide receivers and tight ends, likely leading to the Packers waiting a few rounds to select additional pass catchers.

Sorry Packers faithful, the first-round wide receiver will have to wait another season.

With certain players coming up on contract talks, the Packers will have some decisions to make about extending veterans or replacing them in the draft and saving money in the process.

Regardless of playoff outcomes, with the 2023 season outperforming expectations, what was once thought to be a rebuilding season has instead become a rapidly accelerated reload. Being the case, the Packers stand to benefit from drafting for need in 2024 and filling in gaps with top rookies who provide day-one starter potential.

Here are the positions Green Bay should prioritize early in the upcoming draft.