3 potential trade destinations for Packers CB Jaire Alexander in 2024

Green Bay Packers
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It has been a weird season for Green Bay Packers superstar cornerback Jaire Alexander. At the beginning of the year, most would've considered him a top-10 CB in the league, but things have changed.

After playing in just seven games this year due to injuries and a bizarre team-sanctioned suspension, his future is up in the air. It also doesn't help that he's had his worst season since being drafted, giving up a career-high 120.6 passer rating. These factors make it hard to pinpoint what Green Bay could get for Alexander in a trade.

After signing a four-year, $86 million contract in May 2022, he's still on the roster until 2027, with the Packers paying at least $24 million each year.

Where could the Packers trade Alexander in 2024?

Possible landing spots for Packers' Jaire Alexander in 2024

1. Kansas City Chiefs

With the Chiefs having a down regular season and potentially losing multiple key free agents on defense, they could be looking to retool. Luckily enough for the Packers, Kansas City might have just what they need.

This scenario would see Alexander going to the Chiefs in exchange for their 2024 first-round pick and center Creed Humphrey. Right now, that pick would be No. 26, which would give the Packers six different picks within the opening three rounds.

It also fixes a huge hole for Green Bay along the interior offensive line, as Humphrey still has one more year until his rookie contract is up. With Jordan Love looking to be the QB of the future in Green Bay, this is an excellent opportunity to keep surrounding him with players that would only make him better.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars

With the Jaguars missing the playoffs this year, there might be some panic setting in within the organization. They should be in a win-now mentality and might not want to wait for a first-round pick to develop. That's where Jaire comes in.

This trade would see a swap of Alexander to Jacksonville and the Packers getting their first- and third-round picks. That first-rounder would be the 17th selection, meaning Green Bay could still get a premium prospect of their choice.

This trade makes complete sense for the Jaguars. They gave up the seventh-most passing yards (4,355), seventh-most passing touchdowns (27), and fifth-most completions (404) in 2023.

3. Houston Texans

The Texans have shocked fans and analysts alike with the season they've put together. Only a small handful of people could have predicted them going to the playoffs. With such a young QB in CJ Stroud, they should add more pieces around him but could feel comfortable with what they have.

Their pass defense struggled this year, giving up 4,334 yards and a 67.6 completion percentage. Both were within the bottom 10 of the league. That's why, in this imaginary trade, they give up their 2024 first-round and 2025 second-round picks for Alexander.

With the Packers already heading into the 2024 draft with five picks in the first three rounds, this gives them one more and another chance at a really good player in the future. With what GM Brian Gutekunst has done in recent drafts, it's a hard offer to pass up on.

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