Packers: What quarterback tier does Jordan Love fall into?

Green Bay Packers Training Camp
Green Bay Packers Training Camp / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

For a good portion of NFL quarterbacks, it is easy to sort them into where they belong in regards to the league's hierarchy. This does not apply to Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love.

The actual in-game experience is very limited and really the only thing to go off is those few snaps, training camp, and previous practice sections. Not exactly ideal when trying to see where he stacks among the other signal callers in the league.

Situations such as this did not stop Mike Sando of The Athletic when he put together his NFL quarterback tiers list. This list is broken down into four tiers with the expected names at the top with some debatable ranks in between the top and bottom.

A quarterback who can carry his team is considered Tier 1. Tier 2 is a quarterback who can occasionally do so, but not on a consistent enough basis. The third tier is considered a legitimate starter but needs a lot of things to go right. Then there is the tier in which Jordan Love falls into. Tier 4.

So what makes up a Tier 4 quarterback exactly?

"A Tier 4 quarterback could be an unproven player (not enough information for voters to classify) or a veteran who ideally would not start all 17 games."

The Athletic's Mike Sando

Keeping Sando's description in mind, it is the first part that applies to Jordan Love. The new Packers starting quarterback has just 83 pass attempts in 10 games to his name. The lack of time spent in real game situations makes judging what Love is quite difficult. While not exactly a lottery ticket, Love is still an unknown commodity.

The Packers are going to learn a lot about what they have in Love this season. His immediate success or failure will ultimately determine what direction the franchise will go in.

Will Love play at a level where he eventually finds his way into the top two tiers or will he remain as a Tier 3 or 4 quarterback? Only time will tell.

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