Is Packers' quarterback transition getting enough attention?

Green Bay Packers Offseason Workout
Green Bay Packers Offseason Workout / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

There has been plenty of discussion about the state of the Green Bay Packers this offseason, with a lot of the focus being on the now departed Aaron Rodgers.

The long and slow developing saga that ultimately saw the future Hall of Fame signal caller end up with the Jets was the focus, but was the transition to Jordan Love given enough attention? That is what one individual thinks.

Eric Edholm of spoke about this very subject.

Edholm writes: "But new starting quarterbacks don't come around often in Green Bay, so it's a bit shocking there hasn't been more national chatter about Jordan Love taking over."

Edholm would also add, "But I was expecting to hear more when it comes to discussing Love -- outside of Wisconsin, anyway."

That last part is what needs to be focused on.

For fans of the Green Bay Packers or those who reside in state of Wisconsin, the latest quarterback succession has been a fairly common topic. But on a national level, the focus has been on Rodgers landing in the mega media market that is New York.

While understandable due to Rodgers' enigmatic status and the Jets being media engagement gold, Green Bay has essentially been ignored on a national level now that their former quarterback is gone.

Perhaps it is the general low stock that people have in Love or in Matt LaFleur's abilities as a head coach. Maybe it is that Love is someone that does not garner much attention besides generalities that litter the sports talk marketplace.

A very large possibility is that the Packers are not expected to have a good season with Love taking over for Rodgers. Interestingly enough, Green Bay went 6-10 in Rodgers' first full season as their starting quarterback and that could end up being very comparable to how Love's first campaign goes.

Transitioning to an unproven quarterback running an offense that has an unknown effectiveness rate is not necessarily the most enticing topic of discussion. With that being said, the strikingly similar succession occurring in Green Bay is worthy of much more attention than it is receiving.

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