Packers star Rashan Gary leads the NFL in this one metric

Green Bay Packers
Green Bay Packers / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Fifth-year Green Bay Packers linebacker Rashan Gary has been able to make an impact early on this season. Gary has 3.5 sacks in four games, the most on the Packers so far and 10th-most in the NFL. It is not his sack total that is turning heads, but where he ranks in pass-rush win rate.

Pass-rush win rate is how often a pass rusher beats his block within the first 2.5 seconds of a play, and so far Gary is in elite company.

According to Pro Football Focus, Gary currently has the best pass-rush win rate in the entire league (33%) and is only one of two players to be above 30%, the other being Cleveland's Myles Garrett. This is incredibly impressive for a player bouncing back from a season-ending ACL injury in November of last season.

Packers still limiting Rashan Gary's snap counts

The only question for Gary is sustainability. It is important to note that volume is not taken into account (unless otherwise noted) with rate statistics. This is a factor when slotting Gary above Garrett in pass-rush win rate.

Gary has not been credited with an official start this year and has played 77 total defensive snaps for the Packers (26%). Meanwhile, Garrett has started all four games for the Browns, playing nearly 100 more snaps than Gary (167) or 77% of Cleveland's defensive total.

When comparing the difference in snaps played, it makes Garrett's performance much more impressive than that of Gary.

This is not to say that Gary has not been a productive or even an impressive player so far. Just that volume matters when it comes to metrics such as these and there are times that certain outlets will purposefully leave that out to create a much different picture than that of reality.

In time, Gary should see an increased workload as the Packers have made the incredibly wise decision to manage his snap count. This will result in a chance to impact the game in a grander scale, and with it a much clearer picture when it comes to metrics such as pass-rush win rate.

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